Monday, January 4, 2010

Trash The Dress

Trash the dress is a style of photography, established by John Michael Cooper in 2001. Trash the Dress, or TTD, is a declaration that the wedding is over and instead of storing that gorgeous gown away, never to be seen again, express yourself with a beautiful photo shoot. TTD can be shot at a beach, an abandoned building or even a roof top. Choose a place that fits your personal style, a place that expresses your creativity. Some brides choose to to go to the extreme with their shoots by burning or tearing the dress. Others choose to get the dress wet or dirty and have it cleaned afterward and boxed up for storage. It's your personal preference as to the style of TTD shoot you want. The most important part, is to express yourself and have lots of fun while doing it!

Pictures by John Michael Cooper


  1. I'm actually debating on whether or not to TTD! Seems super fun and the photos are fab, but I'd hate for something to happen to the dress that I'll store up and possibly never look at again...on second thought - I may have made up my own mind to TRASH IT!

  2. Go for it!! You'll only wear the dress once and then store it away, never to be seen again. You dont have to literally "trash" the dress, but if you get it dirty or wet, you can always get it cleaned and then store it away.

  3. What stunning photography!